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What if Tollywood actors are compared to Indian cricketers.


1. Dhoni - Pawan kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Dhoni

These two are the people with tremendous fan base. Of course, they are trolled by millions, but they are loved by billions. Irrespective of their form, all they have is a loyal fans. By birth leadership qualities unna vallu.


2. Rohit Sharma - Mahesh babu

These people are known for thier big hitting, main ga occasions ni assalu vadalaru, festivals oste mana Mahesh babu rechipotadu, evarivaina birthdays oste Rohit Sharma rechipotadu. These two have a great track record and they have capable of going big.


3. Virat kohli - Jr.NTR

Vella energy ki dandam ra babu! These two always carry their energy in top level. These two are now in a terrific form who can break every possible record. Meeru epudu observe cheste vellu iddaru eppudu aa smile ni carry chestu untaru. That makes them more special.


4. Yuvraj singh - Prabhas

When it comes to dedication and determination, these two people will come to our mind. Yuvraj and Prabhas have many things in common. They are world famous and they put all their efforts to get the job done.


5. Shikar Dhawan - Allu arjun

Stylish icons. On field, eppudu edo oka kotta trend ni tiskoni vastaru. They both try very hard to maintain their form,  if they start going, they just make history. Both want to play a fearless game and they are especially known for their fitness.


6. Suresh raina - Ram charan

vella iddaridi Relangi anukunta. Vellu enta sampadincharu, em chesaru annadi mukyam kadu, manchitanam ane goppa peru sampadincharu, on field lo vellu iddaru chala decent people. In fact, MS. DHONI : THE UNTOLD STORY lo Ram charan, suresh raina role play chestunnadu ani appatlo rumour ochindi.


7. Hardik pandya - Vijay deverakonda

    Rowdy boys! Aggressive approach ni choose cheskuntaru eppudu, These two will be on a closer side of Controversy, But their on field approach and their level of play will do the talking.


    8. Sachin Tendulkar - Chiranjeevi

    Demi gods ! Sport/movie standards ni next level ki tiskellia vallu. Game ki grace ane kotta padanni parichayam chesina vallu. Absolute gentlemen on and off the field.


                                                               -Author, Akhilesh Golla

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